F.A.B. FEB "Foróige Against Bullying" Month to take place this coming February

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Foróige-Notinuse January 9, 2014

Foróige is all about creating an atmosphere in which young people can flourish and grow to their best potential. Here comes FAB FEB, Foróige Against Bullying Month! We are asking all Foróige Clubs, Projects and Groups to participate. The theme is positive peer influence amongst young people. Positive peer influence is when those around you affirm and support you and encourage you to reach your potential. It involves positive interactions and social atmospheres that enhance each young person. This is part of the antidote to bullying.

Information packs have been sent to all Clubs. Ask your Club Leader or Youth Worker about FAB FEB today. 

Some Ways of Promoting Positive Peer Influence

  • Adults model behaviours that promote positive peer influence such as listening, giving praise and encouraging young people to achieve their potential
  • Organise TAB Time in your group. TAB stand for tea and biscuits – it is special time where young people and adults sit around and chat.
  • Activities and games that build trust and where everyone can get to know each other better (include adults)
  • A buddy system where young people befriend and mentor those who are shy and isolated and may need extra help in really becoming a part of the group.
  • Young people discuss the Foróige Charter of Rights and decide how they will best express these rights and respect them in others
  • Young people use the Charter to Rights to develop their group contract and to challenge behaviour that infringes it
  • Special events/activities in your group where the strengths of each individual member are honoured and celebrated.
  • Meetings are structured so that it is easy for everyone to participate and express their views
  • Inter club events are organised to include TAB time and other activities that promote positive peer influence

Download the Information Pack, Poster, Expression of Interest Form and Letter to Club Leaders. There is also a Workshop outline about Positive Peer Influence.