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Changing Habits and Reaching Targets Programme

Changing Habits and Reaching Targets is an Australian Cognitive Behaviour Tool which Foróige uses throughout Ireland. CHART is an offending behaviour programme designed specifically for young people. The programme is designed to:

  • be a practical tool to support casework with young offenders
  • employ a skills-oriented, cognitive-behavioural focus
  • be clearly directive in its approach to intervention
  • use active, participatory learning methods

The program is used by youth justice staff as part of their casework intervention with individual clients. Casework assist the young person to put into practice skills - such as problem-solving, consequential thinking and effective coping strategies - that they have learned in CHART to assist them maintain behaviour changes and prevent relapse.

The design of CHART is evidence-based and is informed by the ‘What Works’ approach to offender rehabilitation. This approach is characterised by the application of five basic principles of good practice for effective interventions: Risk, Needs, Responsivity, Program Integrity and Professional Discretion. Research over the past twenty years indicates that some interventions have a significantly better impact on reducing offending behaviour than others.

Cognitive and behavioural methods are more successful than other types of treatment approach. Cognitive-behavioural programs are structured, goal-oriented, and focus on the links between beliefs, attitudes and behaviour.