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Foróige LGBTI+

Foróige seeks to be a welcoming, safe, inclusive, enjoyable, and developmental environment for young people, whether in a club, project, service, or specialist group. Foróige recognises that for all young people there are proven benefits to having a supportive and inclusive place like Foróige within the community. We strive to support young people to be open and discuss their sexuality and identity.

Our LGBTI+ groups and initiatives are firmly rooted in the Foróige philosophy of the uniqueness of each young person. Foróige hopes to create spaces that promote the empowerment of each young person to take responsibility and be supported in their own development and development of the world around them.


Information on setting up an LGBTI+ group

Foróige, in consultation with staff, volunteers, and members of Foróige's Reference Panel, created a guide for staff and volunteers on setting up LGBTI+ youth groups.

It is important to note that LGBTI+ groups should only be set up as needed. LGBTI+ young people are already members of Foróige clubs or services and they may or may not want to, or need to, access support from LGBTI+ groups also. Furthermore, a young person who joins Foroige for the first time through an LGBTI+ group should be supported to get involved in all other Foróige activities, programmes etc.

Look at Luke Wymss' story about his LGBTI+ Foróige group within his community and how it has positively impacted his life: 

 If you would like to find an LGBTI+ club in your area check out the map or contact your local Foróige staff member. 


If you would like to set up a Foróige LGBTI+ Group, you can read our guide for staff and volunteers











Whilst gender and sexuality terms are not exhaustive, Foróige has developed a Gender and Sexuality terminology poster for all Foróige clubs, groups, and projects. The poster below will be given to each participant at REAL U and Gender and Sexuality Capacity Building training. Printing this poster and displaying it in the space you work in is an easy way to make your space more inclusive of LGBTI+ young people.  From time to time, staff and volunteers may come across other terms which are not on the list and that they may not have heard of before. Language and terminology are ever-changing but within Foróige the sense of respect for each individual's identity remains constant.  



Foróige, in partnership with ShoutOut, has created a capacity building training on working with LGBTI+ young people. Participants of the training will be able to: 

● List the 9 grounds of equality and their relevance to LGBTI+ people 

● Describe how Foróige’s philosophy is LGBTI+ inclusive 

● Outline what LGBTI+ and corresponding terminology means 

● Distinguish between; sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression and sexuality 

● Empathise with the experience of LGBTI+ people and explore their own values and beliefs in relation to this 

● Apply the learning to real scenarios within their roles 

● Identify positive changes they can make to their work to create a welcoming environment for all 

 For more information on this training or to locate your nearest trainer, please contact [email protected].


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