Foróige's Philosophy

The Foróige approach to youth work is underpinned by a strong philosophy which states:

Unique Each person has unique qualities and attributes.

Creative Creativity applies to many aspects of life: solving problems, organizing, the arts, communicating, caring for others.

Take responsibility We always have a choice: in what we think, do and become.

Interdependent with others We develop through relations with other people. We achieve more by working together.

Make a difference to the world Each person has something important to contribute to making the world a better place.

Have an influence Reality is not fixed. It can be changed by our actions. Each person can influence what is going on. Each can influence what they become in life.

Learn from every situation Learning does not stop at school. It is part of everyday living. It is a lifelong process. 

Download a Foróige Philosophy poster here.

Foróige has a Charter of Rights for each young person involved in the organisation which also has an accompanying booklet.