Our Work

Peace III Youth Education Programme

Foroige’s Peace III Youth Education Programme was launched at the C.R.I.B Youth Project and Health Cafe on Rockwood Parade, Sligo in May of 2014. This project is funded by the PEACE III Programme through the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund managed for the EU Programme’s Body by Sligo County Council on behalf of Sligo Peace & Reconciliation Committee.

This programme aims to identify, recognise and embrace the diverse ethnic minority youth groups in Sligo, build a strong rapport among youth service providers and families while also enabling these communities to understand, value, participate and access the many local youth services in Sligo.

The programme will be implemented over a number of months and will actively work towards integrating ‘new communities’ into Co. Sligo by:

  • Raising understanding and awareness of minority groups of the value of youth work and community engagement of young people via leaders within various minority groups and associations.
  • Building the trust and communication between mainstream youth services and minority groups via organised visits with leaders of groups and associations e.g. polish / Indian and members. This enables minority youth to access services where their parents trust, understand, and value participation.
  • By implementing cultural workshops with a focus on increasing cultural identity awareness amongst young people. 
  • Organising the translation of written material with/by young people and having it proofed by a translator, including C.R.I.B Youth Project & Health Cafe information leaflets and forms. 
  • Organising trips and activities with young people including a cross border trip to Derry to empower young people to learn about and promote positive attitudes towards cultural identity. 
  • Arranging a Cultural Diversity Celebration event for parents and young people to strengthen links within the community.