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Our Work

Foróige clubs are a fun, safe place for young people to hang out, meet new friends, be listened to and grow.
Youth Citizenship
This programme allows young people to explore the needs of the community, develop an action plan and make it a reality.
NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship
Our vision for this programme is that young people are enabled to find a pathway to prosperity through entrepreneurship.
Our Leadership programme recognises the leadership capabilities and potential in young people so that they can aspire to being future leaders.
Big Brother Big Sister
Supportive friendships for young people - inspiring them to brighter futures!!
Youth Participation & Advocacy
Having a say and being listened to gives young people a sense of pride, accomplishment and achievement.
Youth Projects & Services
Our targeted projects and services provide learning and development opportunities in a variety of communities and environments.
The Clubhouse
Skills development and expression through technology makes The Clubhouse a highly valuable resource for participants.
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Relationships Explored & Life Uncovered Programme
This personal development and sex education programme aimed at equipping young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop healthy relationships.
A Life of Choices Programme
Developed as a way of engaging young people around the topics of pro-social behaviour.
Be Healthy, Be Happy Programme
The programme explores physical, mental, social and spiritual health.
Drug Education Programme
Clarifying information, dispelling myths, challenging attitudes and providing factual information about tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
Changing Habits & Reaching Targets Programme
A Changing Habits and Reaching Targets Programme designed specifically for young people.
Community & Diversity Programme
This programme aims to identify, recognise and embrace the diverse ethnic minority youth groups.
Local Youth Services
Local Youth Services provide specialised services to vulnerable young people in a non-stigmatised way and support the existence of a multitude of voluntary youth organisations.
Garda Youth Diversion Programme
Garda Youth Diversion Programmes are a partnership between the Irish Youth Justice Service, Garda Community Relations and Foróige.
Youth Cafés
Youth Cafés are a place that young people can go to, hang out, feel safe and have fun. They can be facilitated by youth workers and/or volunteers. They are a forum for learning programmes and self development.
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