Hello from Foróige New York!

foroigeadmin April 30, 2021

This month we are catching up with the Foróige diaspora, we hear from our cousins in the USA with our 'letters to home' series.

"Hello from Foróige New York!  We are delighted to have 7 active Foroige clubs here, with 3 clubs in Yonkers and 4 clubs in Rockland  - just a little bit outside of New York City.  It looks like we’ll soon be expanding to more areas in New York city soon also.

Our young people love going to Foróige as much as yours do.  The pandemic affected us here in New York also. We have been lucky and have been able to continue our clubs in person as much as possible. However, for the month of January and most of February we continued our clubs online as the cases as the numbers of people being infected with Corona Virus were pretty high in our area.  

We now have 29 volunteers in Yonkers and Rockland and approximately 230 young people. 

A lot of our volunteers are either from Ireland or are of Irish descent. Most of our young people are of Irish descent, they either have Irish parents, or Irish Grandparents and have been very interested in learning all about Foroige and what it has to offer. The young people are very excited for the day when things are back to ‘normal’ and they get the opportunity to go to Ireland and visit Foroige there." 

Great to hear from y'all stateside! We are looking forward to the next update already. Keep them coming



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