Foróige Launches LevelUP Programme

Alan October 18, 2021

LevelUP Programme Launch

Foróige has unveiled a new national digital skills and digital citizenship programme for young people aged 10 and over. The programme, called LevelUP, helps young people to develop the skills they need to thrive in the digital world.

LevelUP was launched at a virtual event, featuring speakers including Lord David Puttnam, Ireland’s first Digital Champion and Simon Harris T.D., Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. Young people who were involved in the pilot programme spoke about the positive impact it has had on their lives and wellbeing.

LevelUP, which was created by Foróige with funding and support from Accenture, enables young people to become creators and not just consumers of technology, while also supporting the development of their ‘soft skills’ such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, team-work, storytelling and communication skills. 

Founded on the three pillars of Inform, Inspire and Invent, LevelUP educates young people about their digital footprint and challenges them to use technology in a positive and purposeful way. 

Bonnie, Jack and Sonia of Foróige at the launch of the Foróige LevelUP Programme.

Speaking at the launch event Lord David Puttnam said, “I'm delighted to help launch Foróige's LevelUP programme. I have long believed in the need to equip young people with the tools required to navigate our vast digital world, and to help them understand how their behaviour online has real-world repercussions. This LevelUP programme is a terrific way to help bridge the gap in young people's digital skills, and prepare them for their digital future.”

Commenting on the importance of the programme Minister Simon Harris stated, “In an era where fiction can be presented as fact, there has never been a greater need for digital citizenship so that our young people can develop the skills to engage safely, critically and positively within an expanding digital horizon. This LevelUP programme makes sure that young people, no matter what background, have access to digital literacy and digital skills.”

Speaking about the impact the programme will have on young people, Seán Campbell, CEO of Foróige, said “Through their participation in the LevelUP programme, young people will be empowered to find innovative solutions to challenges they've identified in their lives and communities, by using a range of cutting-edge digital skills, making the programme as fun as it is impactful. 

Daniel, Leah and Maja of Foróige at the launch of the Foróige LevelUP Programme.

Foróige developed the LevelUP programme with support from Accenture to better prepare young people to thrive in the technology driven economy and to enable them to build a strong foundation of skills that will set them up for success in their future lives and careers. We’re thrilled to have support and backing from Accenture.”

Conor Osgood Daly, aged 12 from Roscommon, who took part in the pilot LevelUP programme spoke at the virtual launch: “When my family first heard about COVID-19 we had to go straight into quarantine because my sister is high risk as she’s had a kidney transplant. I couldn’t see any of my friends, it did feel a bit lonely at times. When the LevelUP programme was offered to me I took it straight away. We learnt how to be safe online, the things to do and the things to look out for. It’s so hard to describe how important it was for me, I want to do way more of it and I think all young people like me should have a chance to do it!”



Foróige LevelUP Launch Webinar

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