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Foróige-Notinuse June 20, 2013

Foróige has played a central part of many people’s lives for over 61 years. We think it’s time for your local community to see the impact clubs have made on young people’s lives and the impact that the young people have made on their own communities. 2013 is the year of ‘The Gathering’ and Foróige wants to ‘gather up’ as many of our old members, volunteers and former staff as possible.

Why get involved?

• Publicity for your club and the organisation
• Possibility of engaging with new volunteers
• Recognition from the community for members and volunteers

Organising a Foróige Gathering

1. Decide if the club is going to organise a gathering for just your own club or link in with other clubs. You can talk to your District Council about this.

2. Decide on a venue and a date for the event. Delegate jobs to all members and volunteers wishing to get involved. Some of the jobs that members could take on:

• Compile a list of people who used to be involved in the club 
• Speak to former leaders and ask them for old pictures, photos, videos, recognition certificates 
• In the local newspaper or mass leaflet, request that people drop in old memorabilia to a central location
• Check out old and recent PRO scrapbooks
• Plan how the club are going to display all the information and decide what else will be happening on the evening of the event eg. social evening, talent show, speakers, band

Who do I invite? Everyone!

Send invitations to past members, volunteers and staff. Ask community members to attend, including politicians, GAA members, local schools, local celebrities, the local guards.

Download a poster here to publicise your Foróige Gathering event.

Before the Event

• Publicise the event in all the local media eg. newspapers, radio and on Facebook
• Send out invites early and advertise locally
• Make refreshments available to all those attending 
• Decide on your MC,(eg. present member) and speakers for the event eg. former member who is now a politician/celebrity etc.
• Have an attendance register prepared for guests

The Event

• Arrive early and be prepared. Decorate the hall/meeting place and make it inviting
• Make sure that all the information you have gathered is displayed clearly
• Give guests a warm welcome and ask them to sign in and have a look at the history of the club
• From the starting time, give guests 40 mins to mingle and look at information
• Ask an MC to open the event and talk people through the history of the club
• Invite speakers to relay their memories and the benefits they received from their involvement in Foróige
• A social evening could take place with current members supplying the entertainment

For more information and support, contact:
Breda Maguire, Foróige Alumni Officer
Mobile: 0860200995
Email: [email protected]

Breda will help and support you in your efforts. You can also register with for maximum publicity!