Coder Dojo sessions taking place at Foróige Quad Youth Centre in Co. Roscommon

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Foróige-Notinuse October 16, 2013

Over 50 young people aged 10 – 17 years are attending Coderdojo sessions and learning basic code and HTML 5 at the Quad Youth Centre in Roscommon, as part of a Techspace Programme operating in the centre. Twelve volunteers have stepped forward since mid-summer, attended Foróige volunteer training and have played a major part of the running of two Coder Dojo groups. 

CoderDojo is computer group for young people which aims to introduce them to the world of technology and therefore increase their employment prospects. Young people taking part in this group can experience the fun of creating computer games, website design, smartphone apps and much more. This group also allows young people to develop life skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving skills, build confidence and make friends.

Techspace is a creative programme in the Quad Youth Centre where young people are inspired to create, produce and explore digital technology eg. film production, animation, Coder Dojo basic coding, app development, digital photography, HTML and music.

All young people should have the opportunity to learn how to code in light of the technological advancements which are creating jobs and encouraging creativity. Foróige Roscommon needs your support. There are more than 20 young people on a waiting list who want to participate in the Coder Dojo sessions. Plans are underway to set up another group in Roscommon town and Castlerea. We require additional adult volunteers who would be interested in empowering young people by showing them valuable technological skills or helping to supervise/support the group. Sponsorship is also required for laptops, computer upgrades and running costs. 

All donations and help are most welcome. Please contact Megan Depinna on 086 2566480 or by email at [email protected]


“This is a brilliant introduction to coding and getting children more familiar with using laptops/computers in a safe and secure environment. ” says Tom Fitzmaurice, a parent of one of the young participants.

“I’m a parent and have a son attending Coderdojo. The reason I’m coming here is to help him understand and get enjoyment from IT.” says Deirdre Keegan, parent and Foróige Volunteer.

“My son started Coderdojo in conjunction with Foróige Roscommon and it was evident immediately how beneficial it will be to him an all who attend. All my thanks to Foróige Roscommon for providing such a wonderful service to the youth of Roscommon” Majella Smyth, Parent.

“A constructive way to use their computers and make new friends whilst learning new skills in an informal but structured session/setting” Daniella O’Neill, Parent and Foróige Volunteer.