Volunteers needed for Foróige Big Brother Big Sister Programme in Cavan

foroigeadmin March 22, 2018

Press release  22/03/2018


Volunteers needed for Foróige Big Brother Big Sister Programme in Cavan

Foróige is currently seeking to recruit volunteers for its Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) Programme in Cavan.

Big Brother Big Sister is an internationally recognised youth mentoring programme that forms supportive friendships for young people inspiring them to brighter futures. Big Brother Big Sister nationally and internationally is proven through research to improve young people’s wellbeing, their social support and their relationships with others.

Yvonne McManus, Foróige Project Worker Big Brother Big Sister said "BBBS volunteers typically give one or two hours per week to become a mentor and friend to young people in need of that bit of extra adult support in their lives.

“If you would like more information or to get involved please contact me on 086 0481992 or [email protected].”

Below a Big Brother and a Little Brother tell their story of how they’ve found the experience and how it has help to improve both of their lives.

Big Brother volunteer story

Peter Williams, Big Brother, Cavan

When I first looked into the Big Brother Big Sister programme, I was apprehensive because I had never been involved in a project like this. The application process was fairly straightforward and there was Foróige staff supported me the whole time answering any questions or fears that I had. I was quite lucky that in only a matter of weeks after I completed my training and Garda clearance I was matched with a Little Brother.

Before we got to meet we were both told about each other and Foróige made sure we would be a suited match. They definitely got it right; although the first few weeks were a bit quiet as we were getting to know each other, we hit it off from the beginning with common interests and we both wanted to know more about each other so conversation topics were never an issue from the start. We've now been matched for three years and in some regards it's like hanging out with one of the pals.

The support of the Foróige staff is always there when needed. We share a lot of interests but we have also pushed each other to try new things as well, I had never been mountain biking before now, turns out I love it!!!!

It doesn't take a massive amount of time, we hang out for a couple of hours every week, sometimes more depending on what we're doing. Some weeks one of us can't meet up for one reason or another but in that case we just re-schedule.

Overall my experience in the BBBS programme has been extremely positive and rewarding. I was matched with an amazing young person that is now like an actual little brother. We have a great relationship and I know that even when we finish the programme, I know we'll still be friends and hang out the way we do now.


Little Brother Story

Jordan Mc Kenna, Age 17, Cavan

I’ve been matched with my Big Brother for about three years

We do a lot together and have a close bond.  We play pool, football, go mountain biking and chat.  My highlight was our trip to Delphi in 2016, where we went with a large Foróige group and got to meet other Bigs and Littles.  I really got to know my Big on that weekend away.  At the beginning we were two strangers, but became really good friends.  We clicked almost straight away.

People should take part in the BBBS programme because it does help. If I didn’t get involved in the programme I would be on the street/getting into trouble and hanging around with the wrong group.  It has made me wiser and listening to advice from my Big has helped me mature.  He has been someone who has always listened to me and I listen to his advice.  We have a connection and I see my Big Brother as always being a friend.



For further information please contact:

Helena Clarke, Foróige Marketing Communications Officer

087 632 5138 / 01 630 1732

[email protected]


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