Business Community Asked to Make the Smart Move with Foróige

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Foróige-Notinuse October 30, 2012

Recycle yours and your company’s smart phones and help raise vital funds for young people in Ireland

In the first charity drive of its kind in Ireland businesses are being asked to donate their company smart phones - Yes Smart Phones – when next implementing an organisational upgrade. Businesses can also support the initiative by displaying a tamper proof collection box in a communal area in their workplace encouraging staff and visitors to donate their smart phones too.

The target is 10,000 Smart Phone donations which if achieved will assist greatly in facilitating more than 60,000 young people in 600+ communities nationwide. Foróige also aims to increase their reach to 100,000+ young people by 2020 against a backdrop of a 24% increase in demand for services and a 30% decrease in traditional sources of funding. This campaign will go a significant way in helping Foróige maintaining and growing services to young people.

By the end of 2010, there were 250,000 smart phones in circulation in Ireland and by the end of this year smart phone penetration is expected to have increased by 37%. Whilst mobile phone recycling is an activity that many non profit organisations engage in, this is the first time in Ireland that Smart Phones are the focus. The rationale for this is based on the higher recycled value but also that penetration of smart phones in the Irish market is steadily increasing. We understand that smart phones are relatively new technology particularly for the consumer market therefore whilst not excluding individuals or traditional handsets from this campaign, we are looking more to the corporate sector for their support.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Foróige Head of Fundraising Siobhán McGee said, "Foróige is delighted to launch Smart Move. Foróige cares passionately and work for the well being of young people. With support for Smart Move from our friends in the business community we can do even more! It's easy - when you're upgrading your smart phone, whether it’s a company or personal handset, we're asking you to donate the older models. The money raised will benefit our work with young people, their families and communities across the country".

By Supporting Smart Move, you have the opportunity to position your company as a true Champion of Young People in Ireland, with your customers, corporate partners, staff and the wider community whilst making a positive contribution to environmental sustainability.

In order to participate in this campaign, companies can contact Gaynor Hickey, Corporate Fundraising Officer for Foróige at [email protected] or on 01 6301560 / 086 8117045. For more Info visit:


For further information please contact:

Cathy Gray, Foróige Media Officer

086 8075332

Foróige is the leading and largest youth organisation in Ireland. The charity works with 64,000 young people and 5,500 adult volunteers annually, through a network of more than 600 youth clubs & cafés, 154 targeted projects and national programmes such as Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.


How do I get involved?

Donate used company smart phones when your organisation upgrades employee handsets to newer models
Position collection boxes in highly visible communal areas of your company premises and display the campaign’s promotional material to encourage staff and visitors to donate
Sponsor the campaign to have your corporate logo/brand identity included in campaign collateral!
How do I get started?

Simply email/phone Gaynor Hickey in Foróige ([email protected]/ 01-6301560 / 086 8117045) to request a collection box and posters and/or more information on donations resulting from company-wide upgrades. Remember to give your full contact details when corresponding with us to ensure prompt delivery/collection.

I have a collection box but need more posters – where can I get them?

A3 Posters can be downloaded from URL or can be requested from Gaynor Hickey in Foróige ([email protected]/ 01-6301560 / 086 8117045) – Please only print what you require in the interest of the environment.

What happens to donated smart phones?

We recommend that all SIMs are removed (there’s a reminder on collection boxes) in advance of donation however donated smart phones are systematically wiped of all data, reconditioned and made available for sale in other markets. This provides funds for Foróige but also assists in meeting the wider environmental agenda.

Can I only donate smart phones?

No – all mobile phones are very welcome. Used smart phones will help us achieve our goal quicker due to their higher value but we are delighted with all donations which help maintain and further our work.

When does this initiative start and does it have a closing date?

NOW! And the campaign will be ongoing


If you have any queries relating to the Smart Move campaign or are interested in supporting Foróige in other ways please don’t hesitate to contact Gaynor Hickey, Corporate Fundraising Officer ([email protected]/ 01-6301560 / 086 8117045)