Your guide to online affiliation of clubs in Foróige


Club affiliation is very straightforward. Click on this image to go to the online affiliation system. You will find a short FAQ below.

1. Who affiliates the club?

As was always the case, the Club Leader and Club Secretary (in a Foróige club and some others) are responsible for affiliation. However if the Club Leader is uncomfortable with computers, he /she can nominate another adult leader to take charge of affiliation on his /her behalf. The Club Leader should let the RYO/Staff person know the name and email address of this leader.

2. How does the club get access to the system?

The RYO or staff person will put into the system the name and email address of two leaders nominated by the club. The system will send an email to both of these people with a password. These are the only two people who can add or change the club’s information on the system. Foróige Clubs and others with a youth committee should give access to the Club Secretary too.

3. How do I get started?

The email will contain a link to the system. You should bookmark this address so you can find it easily. When you click on it, the above screen opens, asking for your email address and the password you were sent. You can copy and paste the password. Another page will open inviting you to choose a new password. Put in the password you were sent and then you can type in a new one and confirm it by typing it a second time. Use one which is not easy for others to guess. Please note that if you leave the system inactive it will ask you to log in again. This is a security measure. Learn how to log in and reset your password by watching this video:



4. Inputting basic Club information

The “Club Profile” screen opens first. This is where you will put in much of the information which used to be on the front of the old paper affiliation form; club name, meeting place address, bank address, cheque signatories, meeting day and time etc. Click on the “Edit” button. The layout of the information may change slightly. Type the required information in the relevant box then click on “Save and add” at the bottom of the screen.

Please note:

• We may have already inserted information from last year’s affiliation form. Check this is still correct and update as necessary.
• The system does not automatically save information, so you must click to save.
• The box called showing “Person who last edited the club status” is filled automatically by the system.
• There is a new question asking how many “occasional volunteers” you have. These are people who give a hand in the club or at events up to 5 or 6 times a year. They are not leaders, but we just want to get a sense of how many other people help out. More information on occasional volunteers is being sent to clubs with this guide.
• The “notes” section can be used and read by anyone with access to the system.

See Screengrab 2

Learn more about updating your club details by watching this video:

5. Bringing forward leaders and members from the previous Club year

On the second black stripe across the screen is a word “People”. Below the black stripe are headings including “Last Club Year”. Click on this and you can see people who were in the club last year if their details are in the system. Tick the box to the left of each person who is coming back to the club. Then click the “Restore” button shown below left. It shows 10 people at a time but you can increase this to 50. After you bring them forward, check that each person’s details are still correct against their new permission forms and change as necessary e.g. new addresses, phones or emails. To do this “view” the person and click “edit”.

See Screengrab 3

See Screengrab 4

6. Adding a new person 

Click the “add new person” green button above the word “email” on the right of the club profile page(as in picture at 4 above). The screen below opens, first asking for name address , dob, ethnicity etc. Near the bottom of the page it will ask you to tick what role the person plays in the club, e.g. Club Leader, Chairperson, Member, etc. These will then show up in the corresponding lists on the club profile screen. If the person is a member you will need to forward any fees due. Foróige Juniors and some other clubs do not have youth committees and so will not list a chairperson, etc. Learn how to update and add a person's records by watching the video here:


“The admin access” under Security Details” (See picture) button, should be set to “No” for everyone except the two leaders and club secretary – if one exists, who will be using the system.

See Screengrab 5

7. Using the payment screen (Does not apply to Cork transferred Youth Clubs)

The fees screen will calculate the fees due based on the information you give it about the number of individual members and families in the club. You can write these numbers in the white boxes, and this will change the “Total Fees Not Paid Yet” box at the bottom of the screen. You can then pay by cheque or funds transfer. The details are in the system.
The 2015/ 2106 fees are as follows:

  • Foróige Club/ Café: €20 per individual or €30 per family of two or more
  • Foróige Juniors: €15 per individual or €30 per family or two or more
  • Families in more than one type of club; e.g. one in Juniors and two in Foróige: €30
  • Interest club: €15 per individual under 12 and €20 per individual aged 12 up on 1st September

See Screengrab 6

8. Closing date for affiliation

The closing date for affiliation in 2015 is Monday the 30th of November. Your online affiliation must be completed and your fees in HQ by the 30th. A club cannot vote or go for election at Regional Conferences unless this is carried out.

9. What happens when we press the “affiliate” button? (May appear as “Register” for Juniors, Cork Youth Clubs and Interest Clubs)

A screen pops up giving you reminders of what you need to do to finish the process. Once you can tick each point you can hit the “Submit” button. The text may have been updated from the wording in this picture.

See Screengrab 7

10. A shortcut – Search

On the top right hand corner of the screen (see picture above) is a box with a magnifying glass symbol. If you type any person’s first name or surname (but not both) here, their information opens up once you click on the name. This is very handy if trying to find a member’s details in a hurry – or checking if someone is affiliated or not!

11. What happens when our information is received in HQ?

The Affiliation Secretary will go through the affiliation to check all is in order and fees are received. She will contact you if anything is missing. Then the affiliation goes for to the National Executive for approval, as described in the Constitution of Foróige. If approved, we will send you an email confirming this. Membership cards will still be sent by post.

12. Can we add new members and leaders during the year?

Yes. You can access your club information and update it throughout the year. If new members or leaders join during the year, you can add them in using the same procedure as for 7 above, and then send the appropriate fee for the members to HQ. You should not add new leaders without agreement from the RYO, since they must go through selection procedures first. See 6 above.

13. Can we remove members or leaders if they leave?

No. Never remove anyone. At the end of each club year everyone is removed and you simply restore all those coming back. If a leader resigns you should inform the RYO/staff person.

14. Need help? Just ask! 

Coming Soon: Videos about Club Fees and the Affiliation Process