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A lot of the best things in life have been a little out of reach for a while. We’ve all missed a ton of things, but luckily, most of them are making a comeback and so are we at Foróige Clubs!

Foróige Clubs are places where young people can find a space where they belong, make new friends, have fun and learn new things. 

Foróige Clubs can’t happen without adult volunteers to support young people to run the Club. Meetings happen every week for about 2 hours - it’s really easy to volunteer and get involved. 

People who volunteer with Foróige find that spending time in Foróige Clubs is just as rewarding for them as it is for young people. They receive training, develop skills such as facilitation and teamwork, as well as gaining access to Foróige programmes and support. Our volunteers help guide Foróige young people towards making their Clubs places where the youth of today shape the Ireland of tomorrow.

To volunteer today use the map below to find the Foróige Club Staff member in your area and reach out to get involved.  

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 List of Foróige Club Staff

CityClub Staff NameEmailPhone
CarlowJean Finnerty[email protected]086 7783340
CavanErica Reade[email protected]086 3880717
ClareGerry Prior[email protected]086 2478007
Cork CentralGeraldine Murphy[email protected]087 924 5494
Cork EastEimear Foley[email protected]086 8381652
Donegal NorthDanny Harkin[email protected]086 7808867
Donegal SouthSusan Cleary[email protected]086 0484482
Dublin CityNiamh Mahon[email protected]085 1666945
Dublin NorthEamonn Mullen[email protected]086 7802362
Dublin SouthNiamh Mahon[email protected]085 1666945
Dublin, BlanchardstownMary Vrinceanu[email protected]086 6008526
GalwayGerry Prior[email protected]086 2478007
Galway NorthMartin Donohoe[email protected]086 8275685
KerryJohn Dennigan[email protected] 086 9795199
KildareJean Finnerty[email protected]086 7783340
KilkennyGail O’Sullivan[email protected]086 2316302
LaoisBrid Canny[email protected]086 2043599
LeitrimShane McManus[email protected]086 7013182
LimerickAlan Judge[email protected]086 0227986
LongfordCyril Reilly[email protected]086 0144832
LouthErica Reade[email protected]086 3880717
MayoAndy Neary[email protected]086 0106200
Mayo SouthMartin Donohoe[email protected]086 8275685
MeathJean Finnerty[email protected]086 7783340
MonaghanErica Reade[email protected]086 3880717
North CorkEimear Foley[email protected]086 8381652
OffalyBrid Canny[email protected]086 2043599
RoscommonBernie McHugh[email protected]086 9672921
SligoShane McManus[email protected]086 7013182
TallaghtNiamh Mahon[email protected]085 1666945
TipperaryBrid Canny[email protected]086 2043599
WaterfordGail O’Sullivan[email protected]086 2316302
West CorkJohn Dennigan[email protected]086 9795199
WestmeathBernie McHugh[email protected]086 9672921
WexfordGail O’Sullivan[email protected]086 2316302
WicklowEdel McGrath[email protected]086 2378067