Foróige Testimonials

“I needed someone who would inspire me and encourage me to be the best I could be and I found that person in my Big Sister. Mary helped me realise my potential and gave me the attention, care and support that I needed to make good decisions in my life.”

Jumoke, Big Brother, Big Sister Participant, Galway

“To me, Foróige means participation and having your voice heard. I was part of the Reference Panel for three years. Having a say and influence gave me a huge sense of pride, accomplishment and achievement.” 

Michael, Club Member, Dublin

“A big group of my friends and I became members. It was a great facility for the young people of the community. I can’t really imagine those years without the Foróige Club; it made up a huge chunk of my life. Music and performing were huge in our club. You could say it’s where I learned my trade. I knew there was nothing else I wanted to do with my life.” 

Kian Egan (Westlife), former Club Member, Sligo

“I felt I belonged at Foróige in a way I didn’t feel at school. I was bullied in school and felt like I was a ‘nobody’. In Foróige, I was a somebody! Being actively involved in the club gave me confidence and self belief, feelings that had been taken away by my bullying experience.” 

Stephanie, former Club Member, Wicklow

“I just couldn’t handle it at first. I felt terrified and it was in my head every minute of every day. I was going to be a dad at 16. My mother contacted the Teen Parents Support Programme straight away and a project worker came out to help us by talking us through what my mum called a crisis.” 

Chris, Teen Parenting Support Programme participant

“School just wasn’t for me so at 12, I left. I got my Junior Cert through early school leavers and then went to Youth Reach for my Leaving Cert. I would never have gone back if it wasn’t for the (Foróige) youth service. It opened my eyes to all the opportunities out there.” 

Richard, Early School Leavers Program participant, Dublin

“After 3rd year, lots of my friends left school so I did too. We had to set a goal at the first conference so I decided that goal was to go back to school. This year my goal is to do my Leaving Cert and hopefully go onto college. I went off track but I got myself back on.” 

Craig, Foróige Youth Leadership Programme Participant, Dublin

“He has matured a lot and is much easier to talk to. If it wasn’t for the project he’d be locked up at this stage. There’s nothing to do around the streets and the boredom ends up in more drinking, more drugs. He knows if he messes up in the project he’s out and he won’t risk that.” 

Mother of a Garda Youth Diversion Project Participant, Cavan