Relationships Explored and Life Uncovered (REAL U) allows us to express and explore our own, and others, views on issues that affect us all around Relationships and Sexuality.

REAL U covers topics that affect us both personally, and in our face to face and online relationships, with our; friends, siblings, parents/guardians, crushes, partners and any other relationship we have, or will have throughout our lives! REAL U provides a safe space to engage in a range of fun activities while building knowledge, confidence and self-awareness.

It explores conversations around relationships, sexuality, as well as, our own personal development and journey in uncovering some of the tools for life:

  • How to build and identify positive, healthy relationships? 
  • How to be more assertive and communicate in relationships?
  • How does my behaviour affect my relationships?
  • The importance of respect with regards to people’s gender and sexuality.
  • How to maintain positive emotional well-being or mental health?
  • How to identify my own boundaries and understand other people’s boundaries?
  • The reality of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and to protect myself?
  • The positives and negative of media and social media?
  • The importance of contraception and talking about it in relationships?
  • How to be positive and confident in my body image?
  • What is consent and how do people negotiate sex?
  • How to positively cope with stress in my life?
  • Understanding the changes in my body during puberty?
  • How do our bodies work during reproduction?
  • Understanding pornography versus the reality of a relationship?
  • How can alcohol and drugs affect my relationships and sexual health?

Who is REAL U for?

REAL U is for everyone aged 12-18 years old.

How do I participate in REAL U?

Have a chat with your Foróige Staff Person or Volunteer Leader.

How does REAL U work?

REAL U involves 6 topics (core module) that explore the key areas around relationships and sexuality.
But wait there is more…
There are a another 9 topics (elective modules) that jump further into specific topics of interest, so YOU, your group and leader can choose which ones to explore!