Welcome to Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

So you want to be an Entrepreneur? You have come to the right place…

If you have a passion, an interest or a hobby you wish to pursue then NFTE is for you…

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Programme is a world recognised, youth entrepreneurship education and development programme. It is provided by Foróige in Ireland and is affiliated to NFTE International.

The NFTE Programme can change your life by enabling you to develop core skills in business and enterprise, and in doing so, helping you to unlock your individual talents and potential. 

The programme is supported by over 50 trained teachers, youth workers and volunteers.

The core objectives of the NFTE Programme are to:

1. Enable you to reach your full potential
2. Build your self-confidence and your interpersonal skills
3. Increase your school completion, college attendance and career aspirations
4. Develop your interest in business to become a future entrepreneur
5. Enable you to have a real -life business learning experience

The key outcomes for you and young people like you who want to get involved

● Develop your entrepreneurial skills
● Harness your energies in a positive way
● Develop your vision of where you want to be and how you are going to get there in relation to your life and future career
● Develop your critical thinking
● Develop your creativity
● Recognise and capitalise on opportunities and to take calculated risks. Increase your self-confidence
● Develop your interpersonal skills
● Increase your school completion and college attendance rates


NFTE gives you the opportunity to participate with your peers in the following:

• Fun NFTE Trade Fairs
• Business Site Visits
• The RDS Christmas Craft Market
• Presentation Skills
• Alumni Groups
• NFTE Biz Camps
• NFTE Innovation Days
• NFTE In-house Competitions
• NFTE Regionals Competitions
• NFTE International Competition
• NFTE National and European Competitions

This gives you an opportunity to develop your skills and possibly travel around Ireland and Europe and be in with the opportunity to attend the International NFTE Global Gala Event in New York City.

To find out how you can get involved in NFTE in your region please contact Caroline Cooke - [email protected]  and start your Entrepreneurial Journey here, and now.