Big Brother Big Sister

What is Big Brother Big Sister(BBBS)?

Big Brother Big Sister makes friendships between a volunteer and a young person, who would like a bit of extra help! They meet once a week, for an hour or two, and are offered the programme for one year.

Through friendship, Big Brother Big Sister encourages Young People to…

● Think for themselves
● Build friendships
● Have fun
● Learn new things
● Improve their local community

Who are the Bigs?

Bigs are adults from the community. They come from all walks of life and bring their hobbies and personality to the friendship.

They are checked by BBBS to make sure they will be good Bigs and they are trained before their friendship begins. They get help and advice from BBBS while they are volunteering.

What kind of young people do BBBS?

They are between 10 - 18 years who would like a friendship with a caring adult, outside of their family.

What kinds of activities do they do?

They do different types of activities every week... it really depends on what the young person and volunteer want to do together… having a smoothie, playing sports, playing music, doing arts & crafts, using computers, going to the cinema etc

Activities in Big Brother Big Sister

A Art, Aerobics, Aquarium, Astronomy
B Basketball, Badminton, Baking, Board Games, Bowling, Biking
C Crafts, Crazy Golf, Cinema, Cooking, Chess, Cards, Community project
D Dance, drawing
E Educational Games, Eating, Exercise
F Football, Fishing, Flying a Kite
G Games, Golf, Guitar, Gardening
H Healthy Eating, Hockey, Handball, Hiking
I Indoor Soccer, Internet
J Jump Rope, Jog, Juggling
K Karaoke, Knitting
L Learn something new, Listen to Music, Library
M Music, Make and Do
N Netball, Nature Walks
O Orienteering/Outdoor Pursuits
P Pottery, Play Dough, Picnic, Paint, Photography, Plays.
Q Quizzes
R Read Books, Racketball.
S Soccer, Swimming, Sightseeing, Shopping
T Tennis, Tea, TV, Treasure Hunt
U U-decide
V Volleyball, Volunteer project
W Watch Sports, Walk, Window Shopping, Write a Story/Poem
X X box, xylophone playing, X-tra Vision
Y Yoga
Z Zoo