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Electronic Grading & Moderation by NUI Galway

Electronic Grading & Moderation by NUI Galway

Each Young Person choosing to formally accredit for the Foundation Certificate in programme must have an assigned adult Facilitator or Mentor. This Facilitator will provide continuous assessment and guidance during each module of the programme.

Participants are encouraged to contact their Facilitator if they have any questions, or contact leadership@foroige.ie if they need further support.

What follows is a brief outline of the process for Facilitators. More detailed information will be sent via email at certain points in the process.

Step 1: Grading

24th May: Module 1 & 2 Deadline      *       28th June: Module 3 Deadline

Here is a full list of important dates 

  • Module 1 & 2 Grades are due by Thursday 24th May. If a young person completed the Module at a Leadership Conference, Foróige Leadership is already in possession of those grades.
  • The Module 3 grade submission deadline – 28th June – is extremely tight, in respect of NUIG’s assessment deadlines. If you have concerns about this deadline, please contact leadership@foroige.ie immediately.
  • While Module 3 is largely a self-directed community project, the assigned Facilitator will provide support and encouragement regularly throughout the process, and will be responsible for submitting electronic grades for Module 3 work before the 28th June deadline. 
  • All grading is now submitted electronically, via an online form which will be sent to all registered facilitators. Alternatively, you can access them here: Module 1 Grading Form / Module 2 Grading Form / Module 3 Grading Form

Thank you for working with us as we continue to develop the system of electronic grading. If you need any additional support with the grading process, please email leadership@foroige.ie.


Step 2: Moderation

Thursday 12th July: STRICT Moderation Deadline

All requested hard-copy samples of work are due at Foróige Head Office (address below)

  • By Monday 2nd July (or earlier if the electronic grades are submitted), we will be in touch to request that a specific sample of work is sent by each Facilitator to the Foróige Leadership. These samples will be selected by Foróige Leadership, as a cross-section of grading, and will be moderated officially by NUI Galway.  
  • Once you have received notice of the sample requested, please post the sample to Foróige Leadership for Life, Park West, Block 12D, Joyce Way, Dublin 12
  • For each individual sample requested, we will need the following:
  • Module 1 Workbook
  • Module 2 Workbook AND evidence of their Team Research Project
  • Module 3 Learning Journal AND Portfolio
  • IMPORTANT: In order to pass the course, all elements listed above must be submitted for grading. If any of the above are missing, please be in touch with leadership@foroige.ie as soon as possible.
  • We are conscious that the deadline for postage and receipt of hard copies of participants’ work is very tight; unfortunately, this is necessary, and helps us accommodate the workload of NUIG. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you need additional support with the hard-copy moderation process, or have concerns regarding the deadlines, please be in touch with us leadership@foroige.ie

Further Steps

Once all grades and samples are processed, participants will receive confirmation, results and additional information (regarding Graduation, etc.) directly from NUI Galway. Please be advised that it may take a number of months for NUIG to process all submissions. 

Thank you for all your hard work!