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Leadership for Life Conference 2024

The Foróige Leadership for Life conference is a unique experience and learning opportunity for young leaders aged 15-18 years. It offers participants a chance to develop the skills and qualities of strong leadership in a fun and safe environment. Participants get to complete a Module of the internationally renowned Foróige Leadership for Life Programme. They will be surrounded by like-minded young people from around the globe and hear from inspirational leaders from the world of business, sport, philanthropy, media etc. who will share their own personal leadership journeys. Participants will also get to take part in many of the fun extracurricular activities and events that are on offer during the conference. 

The Conference will be held from Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August 2024

Applications will open in April 2024!


How to get involved


Those eligbile and interested in a palce at the conference must first apply for a place at the conference. Applicants must apply for the module of the programme that they are eligbile for.


Module 1: This is the first module of the Leadership for Life programme. Anyone that has not alrady started the programme should apply for this Module. 


Module 2: If an applicant has already successfully completed Module 1 of the Leadership for Life programme you are eligible to apply for a place on Module 2 of the programme. 


Advanced: This module is a specific module only available at the Leadership for Life conference. To be eligible for this module, you must already have successfully completed Module 1 & 2 of the Leadership for Life programme. This module is particularly suited to older members of Foróige who are preparing to move into a different stage of their lives, such as college, work, travel etc


Applicants will be asked to select the relevent module they want to apply for on the application form. Spaces are limited on each module therefore completion of the application form does not guarantee a place. Applicants should complete all parts of the form carefully and answer all questions asked. 



If you want any further information or you have any queries please email [email protected]