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Leadership FAQs

What do young people learn from the programme?

Participants learn the core concepts of leadership and gain skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and self-awareness. These qualities are developed in a fun, interactive and encouraging environment.

When did the programme start?

Leadership has always been a core programme of Foróige. The Leadership for Life programme was developed and manualised in 2009. Since then thousands of participants have completed the programme all over Ireland. 

Is there a cost to completing the programme?

For Foróige members the cost is €10 per module. For those who are not members the cost is €20 per module.

What does the programme consist of?

The Leadership for Life programme has three modules - module 1, module 2 and module 3. Modules 1 and 2 contain 15 one-hour workshops. There is an additional 15 hours of self-directed work where participants are encouraged after each group session to spend one hour reflecting on what they have learned.

How long does it take to complete each module of the leadership programme?

The modules can be carried out one hour each week for 15 weeks or more flexibly to suit your club or project. For example, three hours every Saturday for five weeks. It could also be delivered over mid-term break or during the summer. It really depends what times suit the facilitator and the young people involved. Please note that no more than 4 sessions should be completed in 1 day. 

Module 3 is self-directed and consists of the participants completing a 20 hour community action project, learning journal and portfolio. The 20 hours can be completed over one week or over several weeks depending on the project.

How long does it take to complete all three levels? 

This depends on how often you facilitate the sessions. You can make use of whatever time is available; weekdays or weekends, the summer months or during mid-term break. It is possible to complete the full programme in one academic year. We suggest that there is some time given between each module. It is important  for participants to reflect and process what they have learned before they move onto the next module.

Where is the programme typically run? 

Leadership for Life is run in a variety of youth club settings including youth clubs, projects, GYDP and youth cafés. It is run in secondary schools as part of the transition year and LCA programmes. A customised version of the programme, the Dermot Earley Youth Leadership Initiative, is also run in partnership with the GAA. The programme is also run by other youth organisations across the country. It is also run annually at the Leadership for Life Conference in Maynooth University each summer.

Are there age requirements?

The leadership programme was designed for 15 -18 year olds. The minimum age for completion of the Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action is 16. There is no upper age limit for participants to graduate from the programme. 

However, the programme can be started with young people over the age of 18. It depends on the specific needs of the group members involved. If you have an older group who you believe would benefit from Leadership for Life then we encourage you to run the programme.

Can I just run module one with my group?

It is recommended that participants complete all three modules. The programme is designed so that each module builds on the previous one. Young people will get much more from the programme if they are given the opportunity to do all three modules. However, we understand this might not be possible in every situation. Young people will still benefit greatly from just completing module one.

Can I run the programme alone or do I need a co-facilitator?

The programme is designed to be facilitated by two facilitators. However, we understand that this is not always possible. It is useful to have a co-facilitator to share the responsibility and to support the young people as much as possible. 

Can a volunteer or staff person run the programme with me if they haven't been trained?

No, they can’t. The programme can only be facilitated by trained facilitators. However, they can help supervise the group and support the facilitator with some of the practical aspects of running the programme. 

How do I sign myself up for leadership facilitator training?

There are regular facilitator training events held throughout the year in various locations. If you would like to be trained, please register your interest here or contact [email protected].

Is there an online version of Leadership for Life?

Yes, we are delighted to announce that the online version of the programme is now live and available for facilitators to use once trained / upskilled in it. For more information, please click here.

Do facilitators have to grade participants work? 

Yes, all grades should be submitted by the facilitator within two weeks of completing a module. Grades are submitted using the online grading forms which can be found on the Resources page of this site.

When participants complete all 3 modules, what do they get?

Young people have the option to register for accreditation from NUIG. This means that when they complete all three modules they will graduate from the National College of Ireland, Galway with a Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action.

This is a stand alone qualification. It is the equivalent of 15 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits at Level 6 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications. This means that other institutions will be able to understand the work required to complete the certificate. 

If a young person has registered for the Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action but doesn't submit the work on time, can they graduate the following year? 

Yes, provided all the work is completed and submitted by the deadline for the following year. In this case, a supplementary registration fee of €20 is required by NUIG.

Why does the qualification cost €300? 

The programme is run on a not-for-profit basis. The fee of €300 covers administration costs and academic oversight from NUI Galway. It also includes formal accreditation from NUI Galway and the graduation event in NUI Galway. 

Why not just do the 3 modules and not pay for accreditation?

We believe it is worthwhile and important to celebrate your achievements. The graduation event in NUI Galway is a wonderful opportunity for the young people to gather with family and friends and celebrate all their hard work. This is a day out that everyone enjoys. 

Also, the programme offers young people a chance to gain a university qualification by the age of 18. This is great to have on a CV and will be a valuable talking point in future job interviews. Gaining the qualification may also encourage the participants to continue with their further education and training. 


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