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NFTE Ireland launched its Business Volunteer Programme in October 2006.  As NFTE is founded upon a maxim of enterprise, our organisation provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with a wide spectrum of businesses, through activities such as in class mentoring, guest speaking and business plan judging.

The aim of the Business Volunteer Programme (BVP) is to present young people with a multi-faceted approach to entrepreneurship training. Meeting guest speakers, classroom business mentors, business plan judges along with holding trade events and visiting companies helps to break down barriers and opens young people’s minds to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Activities include:


  • Guest speaker
  • Mentor to a group
  • Share expertise in Financial Management / Marketing / Public Relations / Business Ethics / Presentation Skills

Business Plan Awards

  • Assist Business Plan Development
  • Judge on preliminary judging panels and final judging panels

Company Visits

  • Host a company visit
  • Hold a NFTE class session in your company boardroom
  • Facilitate sales events on location
  • Present to NFTE participants on area of expertise

Programme benefits for your company and volunteers

  • Develop staff skills and competencies.
  • Improve employee morale and motivation.
  • Enhance company image and public awareness.
  • Improve links with local communities.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Give opportunity to employees to develop new skills or improve old ones

Benefits to NFTE Participants

  • Connects young people to the community around them.
  • Brings a new source of energy, ideas and enthusiasm to the classroom.
  • Introduces a multi faceted approach to learning.
  • Links classroom learning to real world experience.
  • Reinforces the theories taught by the Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher.

If you or your company has an interest in becoming a mentor or business volunteer please contact Foróige NFTE at 01 6301718 or email [email protected]

Corporate Sponsorship

At NFTE, we want to work with businesses who share our vision that every young person in Ireland will find a pathway to prosperity. Whether you are planning a long-term alliance or a once-off donation, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your plans and give you more information on how NFTE impacts the lives of young people living in low-income communities.

What can you do?

We are seeking private and public funding so that we can achieve our goal of reaching 5% of young people in target catchment areas. We have set out a number of benefits below.

  1. Brand promotion and penetration in new and existing markets
  2. Positive media positioning and beneficial association through real and tangible results
  3. Support strong CSR ethos and potential for employee involvement
  4. Opportunity to visibly support community through holistic approach involving schools, community organisations, local businesses and families
  5. Opportunity to make a real difference to the socio economic development of a community with subsequent benefits from return on investment
  6. Potential sponsors receive accreditation in all publicity materials

We would welcome your support and would be very pleased to be given an opportunity to work with potential sponsors. Our success relies on long term funding, your support and most importantly our impact on our programmes.