Our Work

I’m a Foróige Volunteer

Firstly, we want to thank you for being a Foróige volunteer. You and over 5,000 other individuals throughout Ireland are shaping our country by developing young people and believing in them. You are improving their lives and the strength of communities. 

Volunteer Development Manager, Denis O’Brien

Denis joined Foróige in September 1991 as the Regional Youth Officer for Cavan, Louth and Monaghan. After 5 years in that region he moved to be RYO in Cork County. In May 1997, Denis became Foróige’s first Southern Area Manager.  He took up the post of Foróige’s first Volunteer Development Manager in September 2011. This exciting role aims to build the capacity of Foróige to grow through volunteer led youth work. Denis has a Masters Degree in Youth and Community Studies. You can reach Denis by emailing [email protected]