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Teen Parent Support Programmes

Foróige Teen Parent Support Programmes provide a wide range of services, including one to one support, personal development programmes, group outings and workshops for teen parents and their parents. The programmes provide young people with information on parenting and support them throughout their pregnancy and afterwards.

Having a child is a daunting experience for anyone but as a teenager it can feel like the end of the world. It’s not! Professional staff and volunteers are on hand to provide guidance during your pregnancy and the first few years of parenthood. Staff will also be able to help you find information on your entitlements and point you in the right direction for further support.

“Coming here has built up my confidence. Everyone sees me as Nuala and not just as the mammy of two children. Everybody sees me as a person. Nobody’s judging you for what age you are or anything. The group has given me a boost. Doing the personal development through drama make me really think about what I wanted to achieve, and I’ve started college as a result.”

Not all TPSP's are Foróige operated. See TPSP.ie for information on Teen Parent Support Programmes.