Our Work

Special Youth Projects

Special youth projects are based in the local community and target young people who may be disadvantaged or at risk. Currently, over 40 Foróige special projects are funded by local Education and Training Boards (ETB).

ETB Project Aim

Equip young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for their appropriate and full participation in society.

So, how does it work?

Foróige sets up and supports volunteer led youth groups, providing services including organisational development, training, programme development and consultancy. Foróige works directly with targeted young people on issues affecting their ability to reach their potential. These issues relate to family, education, substance use and health, amongst others. These programmes are usually done in small groups, and take place in community or school settings.

Activities in these projects are chosen based on the needs and interests of the young people, who are themselves involved in planning for their own groups. These activities include, drama, outdoor pursuits, personal development programmes, community action, environmental work, sport, and issue based programmes on topics such as loss, anger, drugs and health.