Our Work

Local Youth Services

Foróige Local Youth Services provide a comprehensive range of youth work, enabling communities to respond effectively to the needs of the young people in the area. They provide specialised services to vulnerable young people in a non-stigmatised way and support the existence of a multitude of voluntary youth organisations. Local Youth Services work in partnership with other organisations to best meet the needs of the community in which they operate.

Services to Voluntary Youth Groups

  • Training
  • Programme Development
  • Advice and Information
  • Help to start up new groups/clubs
  • Equipment pool and secretarial services

Training and Education Programmes for specifically targeted young people

  • Early School Leavers
  • Potential Early School Leavers
  • Young Mothers
  • Young People at risk of being in trouble with the law
  • Young Travellers

School Holiday Programmes

  • Area-based week-long programmes of activities
  • Summer courses
  • Workshops on specific topics
  • Outdoor Pursuits

Services to Schools

  • Student Council training
  • Drug/Alcohol Awareness Programmes
  • Programmes for potential early school leavers
  • Mentoring Training
  • Programmes for students transferring from primary to post primary school