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Foróige & Your Community: Set up a Foróige Club

Are you interested in setting up a Foróige Club? Complete the form here!

If you are a teenager and would like to find out more about getting involved in one of Foróige’s Clubs, if you are an individual who is inspired to volunteer, or you would like to begin a conversation about starting a Foróige Club in your locality, please feel free to contact your local Regional Youth Officer. Contact details are available here

Foróige’s heritage in youth work was born primarily from the contribution and dedication of volunteers, who have given thousands of young people a chance to become part of fun, challenging, exciting opportunities through the organisation. Volunteerism is strongly embedded in our ethos. Complete our Volunteer Enquiry Form if you are interested in founding a Foróige Club in your locality. 

Foróige’s Clubs and Cafés exist due to the presence of volunteers or their preferred Foróige name ‘Leaders’ who are responsible for club management and development. Foróige Clubs and Cafés meet generally once on a given evening during the week and follow the school term. Some Clubs continue over the summer months if there is capacity.