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About Foróige Clubs

Foróige Clubs are a safe, enjoyable place for young people to hang out, meet new friends, get involved in activities and have a voice. What makes a Foróige Club different to other youth clubs is that it is run by the young people themselves, with support from Volunteer Adult leaders. This allows them to believe in themselves, make decisions and practice leadership. 

The first Foróige Club was established in Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny in 1952 and now there are over 600 (530) volunteer-led clubs in 26 counties across the country.  The members of the Club elect a committee that includes a Chairperson, Secretary, Public Relations Communications  Officer and Treasurer. This gives them a chance to experience democracy first hand. The committee then works with the members and is supported by the adult club leaders to control and manage the club. This ensures that members are participating in activities they really want to do and will, therefore, get the most out of. Club members are 12 to 18-year-olds from the local area. Certain clubs are targeted at younger members aged 12 to 14 or older members aged 15 to 18.

Leaders are members of the local community who want to get involved. These adult leaders work with the members to make the club work. There must be at least two adult leaders present for a club meeting to take place and an adequate number of leaders to facilitate club numbers on meet up nights. Leaders appoint an overall Club Leader. Leaders also appoint a designated Leader who is then eligible to stand for election to Foróige's National Council and vote at such elections.  

Foróige Club Night

Foróige Clubs generally meet one night a week for 1 ½ - 2 hours. The club night begins with a formal meeting, led by the club committee to make decisions about the club. Then members decide if they want to work on a project based on Foróige’s education programmes or just hang out with their friends, enjoying games or activities.

How to join a Foróige Club

The easiest way to join Foróige is to approach a Foróige Club Leader in your locality and ask them if you can join the club. If you don't know if there are any Foróige Clubs in your area, talk to one of our Foróige Regional Youth Officers. Each Officer has responsibility for a different location across the country and every club is supported by a Regional Youth Officer. The youth officer provides training to volunteers and committee members and also provides ongoing support to the club. See our contact details.

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