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1. Who is eligible to do the programme?

The programme is open to all young people, aged 10-18 years, who are involved in any aspect of Foróige’s work. This can be young people in Clubs affiliated to Foróige, Foróige groups in projects and service or individuals including Big Brother Big Sister matches. The programme is also open to individuals and young people outside of Foróige who are involved in groups such as Comhairle na nÓg or other community based youth clubs and groups.

2. Who is eligible to enter the Awards?

  • • The Awards are open to young people who are between the ages of 10 and 18 years at the time of entry.
    • Clubs/Projects are allowed to submit unlimited group and individual entries to the Youth Citizenship Awards. However, each entry must be for a separate project/activity.
    • Any entrants should have support from adult volunteers/youth work staff ie. as a guide and facilitator.
    • All citizenship entries must relate to projects where a substantial amount of the work took place after May 1st 2018. The project must be completed by the time you submit your entry.

3. Where can I get the Citizenship Toolkit?

The Citizenship Toolkit is available to all entries who complete the Registration Form and meet the entry criteria. The Toolkit is also available on the Foróige Volunteer Portal.  The Toolkit can be printed in sections and in black & white.

You can also contact [email protected] to gain access. 

4. How can I avail of Citizenship training?

Citizenship training is run locally by Foróige staff and/or trained volunteers. Contact your local Regional Youth Officer or other Foróige staff person to find out if training is available to you locally. You can also contact [email protected]

5. How do I take part in the project as an individual?

Individuals can take part in the programme just like a Foróige club or group by following the three steps- awareness, action and evaluation. Click onto the “About” section of the website for more information. Your local Foróige volunteer or staff person can support you with your project.

6. How do I contact a Foróige staff person for assistance with my/our project?

Click on the Foróige map to find your nearest Foróige service.

7. How long should a project take to do?

There is no standard length of for a citizenship project, some may take a few weeks while other may take several months. Projects can be any form such as a once off event or long term project and can make a difference to one person or a whole community anywhere in the world.  

8. How do I enter my project?

You can enter your project here.