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BBBS Volunteers FAQs

Who are our Big Brothers and Big Sisters?
Our volunteers are adults (18+ years) from the young person's community. Volunteers are vital to the Big Brother Big Sister programme.
What is expected of volunteers?
Volunteers are asked to spend 1-2 hours a week with their Little Brother or Little Sister. We ask that volunteers commit to an initial commitment of one year - as research has shown this is the ideal amount of time for the relationship between young person and volunteer to be most beneficial. 
What support will I get as a volunteer?
All volunteers participate in induction and Child Protection Training prior to being matched with a young person. Ongoing support and training is provided by professional Foróige staff to each volunteer every step of the way.
What will I do with my Little Brother/Sister?
Together, you can decide on what activities you would like to do. Go for a coffee, play football, bake a cake, play Xbox etc, and your Big Brother Big Sister staff member can help you out if you need ideas.
OK, I want to be a Big Brother or Big Sister, what do I get out of it?
Our experience and research has shown that volunteers get just as much out of the relationship as the young people do. It's an opportunity to develop a friendship with a young person, share common interests, to try new things and help guide them along their journey using your own unique learnings about life and how you go to where you are today. 
I have some questions... is it OK to have a chat with someone about the programme before signing up?
You got it - click here to get in touch with us.