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BBBS Volunteers FAQ's

To register your interest in becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister, complete out the form here. Meet Gill who is a volunteer Big Sister.

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BBBS Volunteers FAQ's

Q. Who are our volunteers?
A. Our volunteers are adults from the community, just like you! Volunteers are vital to the BBBS programme as it could not exist without them.

Q. What is expected of volunteers?
A. Volunteers are asked to spend 1-2 hours a week with their little brother/little sister. The initial commitment is for one year.

Q. What support will I get as a volunteer?
A. All volunteers participate in induction training prior to being matched. Once matched, ongoing support and training is offered to all volunteers. 

Q. What will I do with my Little Brother/Sister?
A. Together, you can decide on what activities you would like to do. Go for coffee, play football, do arts and crafts, play computer games.

Q. What will I get out of it?
A. It’s great fun, you'll do things you haven't done in years! It is an opportunity to develop a friendship with a young person, share common interests and to try new things.

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