Our Work

BBBS Refer a Young Person

Big Brother Big Sister works with a variety of different agencies to ensure young people can access our programme. 

Big Brother Big Sister receives referrals from agencies such as, Túsla Services: Family Support, Psychology, Social Work, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Education Welfare Officers; the Gardai, Schools; School completion programme etc.

Referral forms can be accessed by contacting Big Brother Big Sister staff in your local area. Contact details for your nearest Big Brother Big Sister Officer here
The programme accepts referrals of young people between 10 and 18 years, that have needs appropriate to volunteer intervention. 
Information is shared with a young person and their parent/guardian. They are offered the opportunity to participate in the programme by completing an application form. 
An application process will determine if the programme is suitable to meeting their needs. 
Each match is supported by a Big Brother Big Sister Staff member.
Download our Stories Booklet for more stories about involvement in the Big Brother Big Sister Programme.

William and Sam play snooker together when they meet up