The Story Bridge Archive - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

To support you in participating in The Story Bridge Archive we have compiled this handy list of FAQs.

We will continue to update this list as the initiative progresses. 

If you still cannot find the answer to your question please contact your County Coordinator 




Can the I (young person) sign the consent form on behalf of the interview participant?

No. In order to obtain consent the forms must be signed by the named individual.


What can I do to minimise the risk of COVID-19 when obtaining consent from the participant?

Everyone should use hand sanitizer before and after handling the forms. Do not share pens. 

If possible, email the consent form in advance to the older person or to someone close to the older person (if they do not have an email address) to print it for them.  Then, ask the participant to complete the form and have it ready when you come to conduct the interview. 

Alternatively,  post the consent form in advance and ask the participant to have the form complete and ready when you come to conduct the interview.  If doing the interview online or over the phone, you could include a stamped addressed envelope for the person to return the signed form to you.


The interview is not happening face to face- how do I get the consent form from the participant?

Ensure consent is obtained before conducting the interview. This can be done in a number of ways

- Email or post the consent form to the interview participant. Ask them to complete the form, take a picture of the completed form and email/post back to you. 

- Post the form with a stamped addressed envelope and ask the participant to complete the form and post it back to you. 


The interview participant consent form requires an email address but the participant does not have an email address. 

It is not necessary for the interview participant to have an email address to participate in The Story Bridge Archive. They can leave this section blank if they do not have an email address 


Recording the Interview

Should I (young person) be in the video too?

Yes! This is an intergenerational project so it is important to capture both generations on camera. To do this you could ask the adult with you to film or you could place the camera in a position where both you and the interview participant can be seen 

Should I ask the interview participant the county they are living in at the start of the interview?

Yes. This will be where the interview will be linked to when we store and archive it. This information will also be on the Interview Participant Consent Form but it is also important to get it on video too. 


The Interview Questions

The interview participant did not grow up in this area, should I skip the questions that refers to this?

No! Do not skip any questions. Instead, change the question to suit the participant, for example, “can you explain to me what life was like where you grew up and what is the major difference in the life of a child today to the childhood you lived through?”


What if the interview participant needs me to prompt them after I have asked a question. Is this ok?

Yes! This is a conversation between you and the participant. It is important that you ask all questions but it is ok to support the participant with some prompts. It is a really good idea to have some prompts ready before the interview begins should you need them 

E.g. could you tell me more about that?

I didn’t know that. What was it like for you?