Got a Story?

Email [email protected] if you have a story which you feel would be ideal for media coverage! 

We'd love to hear your Foróige stories.

If you are currently a member, volunteer, staff member or perhaps you have now moved on from Foróige but have some great memories - please get in touch! Perhaps it's an upcoming event or a quirky initiative that the young people you work with are involved in.

The story might be about an individual or group of people whose lives have been turned around or enriched by Foróige. Perhaps the story isn't directly linked to the work of the organisation but it could be about a person who is simply associated with Foróige. It is vitally important that we raise our public profile in order to maintain our services and grow them. In order to do this we need to be continually aware of what is happening in your area, your project and with the young people and volunteers you work with.