Strategic Planning & Support


Foróige has over sixty years experience in the area of the provision and operation of voluntary youth work. We are available as strategic consultants in the areas of youth education and development, nationally and internationally. We have in-depth knowledge and experience and skills in all areas of youth education and development.
Foróige was the first organisation in Ireland to have the Intel Computer Club House Model, we developed over the years innovative and targeted programmes in family support, youth leadership, youth cafe model, reduction of offending behaviour, and health and well being.

What Do We Provide

Summary programme topics

Foróige Education Ireland offers consultation services to government, schools, non governmental organisations, communities, foundations, local authorities, health boards, national organisations and international organisations to successfully implement and sustain plans and strategies that lead to positive youth development programmes. We also can support your organisation in building capacity and in knowledge transfer.

Regional Promoter

Where a partner organisation currently has an offering of educational or youth development programmes in the market and an established distribution channel we would like to explore the potential of adding some or all of our programmes to their suite of offerings and vice versa.

Professional Youth Work Facilitation

Foróige’s team of youth work professionals are available to deliver a menu of education programmes. Our team of youth workers can facilitate the delivery of our licensed programmes or bespoke programmes in an in-school, out of school and conference setting.

Train the Trainer Courses

In parallel with the development of our ‘off-the-shelf’ youth programmes, we have designed complimentary training courses for teachers/ facilitators. These Train the Trainer courses provide teachers/ facilitators with the skills and expertise necessary to ensure that young people participating in the off-the-shelf programmes receive the maximum benefit from their involvement in them. The design and delivery of Train the Trainer courses to compliment any bespoke programmes that clients request is also available.