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Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020

foroigeadmin May 22, 2020

Foroige Volunteer Appreciation Week runs all next week 25th - 29th May 2020.

We will be taking the time to show our gratitude to those give their time selflessly to so many in Foroige. See below for all the details.


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Foróige Feed Your Mind - with Books

foroigeadmin April 24, 2020

The final chapter of our Feed Your Mind Body & Soul social media campign went live this week. Throughout this campaign we have been exploring the importance of developing empathy. Empathy gives us insight into the lives of others and into humanity. We are all exercising empathy through our actions during the Covid-19 restrictions. We are taking action for the benefit of ourselves, we are learning how a daily act of solidarity and consideration for others can directly affect our national and global community. 

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Foróige NFTE student writes a book with Grandfather

foroigeadmin April 22, 2020

Foróige Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) student Amy McGonigle has joined forces with her (almost) 90 year old Grandfather to write a book capturing irish superstitions and traditions through the ages.

These wonderful stories have delighted and thrilled generations of the McGonigle family so Amy and her Grandfather Neilly McGonigle (Neilly Beag) decided to share them with everyone and wrote and illustrated the book together.

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