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Foróige: Let's Go!

Alan February 18, 2022

Foróige Clubs are reopening in towns and cities across Ireland every single day.

Are you looking for a safe, enjoyable place for young people to hang out, meet new friends, get involved in activities and have a voice?

Foróige Clubs are for young people and run by young people. 

Leadership for Life Programme for LGBTI+ Young People

Alan February 3, 2022

By giving LGBTI+ young people the opportunity to identify themselves as leaders and changemakers they can influence and shape their environment to ensure they, and other LGBTI+ young people, are visible and feel included at all levels of their community, regardless of where they live. We want them to feel like they have a voice and can use this voice to make a difference and ensure they feel safe and supported to do so. By giving young people the opportunity to develop these important skills and by creating supportive environments, they can make a real difference.

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Safer Internet Day 2022

Alan February 3, 2022

According to a study in Ireland, over 92% of 8-12 year olds surveyed own a smart device, while 82% of those with a smart device said they have a social media account or message app account. As more young people use smart devices for school, entertainment, socialising and even study, they can be exposed to more risks online. However, young people in Foróige have demonstrated their ability to be digital leaders throughout the pandemic.

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Foróige Launches LevelUP Programme

Alan October 18, 2021

LevelUP Programme Launch

Foróige has unveiled a new national digital skills and digital citizenship programme for young people aged 10 and over. The programme, called LevelUP, helps young people to develop the skills they need to thrive in the digital world.

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YES! Youth Engineering Solutions: New Resources

Alan October 7, 2021

The Youth Engineering Solutions Programme is an exciting and innovative Foróige project funded by the Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI).

The programme is supported by leading academic, industry and STEM education collaborators. Aimed at Young People 10 - 18yrs.

Two new resources have been released to help young people take part in the programme, download these below:

Engineering Christmas Activities (Perfect for club nights!)