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Foróige January 2, 2018

Foróige provides the opportunity each year for young people to have a say and influence decision making in the organisation. Youth participation in the running of the organisation is unique to Foróige and is ingrained in the Foróige philosophy.



The Reference Panel is a group of young people elected at the Regional Conferences of Clubs and the Regional Youth Participation Seminars held across the country. There are a maximum 64 members.

The Foróige Reference Panel is a group of young people who are brought together to represent the views of all members of Foróige, from Clubs to Projects to Youth Services. The panel meets twice a year. Previous members have initiated anti-bullying campaigns, appeared on TV and radio representing Foróige and have developed our Charter of Rights. The work of the Reference Panel directly impacts how Foróige operates and ensures that young persons’ voices are heard in the running of Ireland’s leading youth organisation.

The functions of the Reference Panel will be determined from time to time by the National Executive and include but are not limited to:

(a)Bringing forward representation regarding the Organisation from the Regional Conferences of Clubs and the Regional Youth Participation Seminars

(b)Influencing Organisation decisions that affect young people

(c)Producing a report on their activities and determining local and regional actions based on this report

(d)Advocating on behalf of the Organisation.

How to attend:

At every Regional Conference/Seminar young people above the age of fourteen and members of a properly affiliated club, project or service have the opportunity to run in an election to select the region’s representatives on the Reference Panel.



It is important that every Foróige member takes the opportunity to have a say in influencing Foróige’s future. To ensure that every young person engaging with the organisation has an opportunity to have a say in what’s important to them about Foróige we’re asking that every member fill out this survey to set the agenda for the year.

If you are a member of a Foróige Club/Juniors/Special Interest Group/Cork Youth Club complete this survey:
If you are a member of a Foróige Project/Service/BBBS complete this survey:

The results of the survey will structure the topics discussed at the Regional Conferences/Seminars and at the Reference Panel and will ensure that what is discussed is what's important to young people about Foróige

For those looking to become more involved in the decision making processes of the organisation they should consider attending their local Regional Conference or Regional Seminar.


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