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167 young people graduate from NUIG with Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership & Community Action

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Foróige-Notinuse November 1, 2013

167 young people have graduated from NUIG with a Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action. They participated in the programme through involvement with Foróige Clubs, Youth Projects and the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference. Dr. James J. Browne who is the President of NUIG said, "Leadership programmes are a pivotal resource in equipping young people with the skills to become positive role models as youth leaders.

Indian teenager Shagun Bose describes her experience at Foróige's international Youth Leadership Conference

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Foróige-Notinuse August 28, 2013

"Learning leadership is impossible!” That’s what I used to say but this conference proved me wrong. My name is Shagun Bose and I am from Mayo College Girls’ School in India. Every time I think of the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference, warm memories fill my heart. To describe such a life altering conference in words seems like an impossible task but it has readied me for such things and hopefully I will be able to do justice to this conference.

Teenager Adrienne Walsh tells us about the week she spent at the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference

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Foróige-Notinuse August 15, 2013

When people say to me “What is Albert?” , my whole inside warms up with joy and happiness but also with frustration. I know I will never be able to describe the amazing, life- changing experience we call Albert. It’s indescribable! However I am going to do my level best to try describe it here.

My name is Adrienne Walsh and I’m a member of Kitimagh Foróige Club and also FAYZ Foróige club in Mayo. I have been a member of Foróige for the past five years. It’s only been in the past few years that I have really understood the opportunities Foróige has to offer. In September 2011, I was elected Chairperson of my Foróige Club. Now as I was on the committee it was my responsibility to attend officer training and regional conferenceS representing my Club.

International youth leadership conference attended by 300 teen delegates from all corners of the globe

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Foróige-Notinuse August 7, 2013

300 young people from all over the world have attended one of Foróige’s flagship events, the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference with delegates coming from South Korea, Nigeria, Palestine, Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, USA and India. Speakers included Louise Phelan of Paypal, Kenneth Egan the Olympic Champion boxer, Dr. Mary Redmond who is the Founder of the The Wheel and the Hospice Foundation, Dominic Jude who is Entrepreneur and has scaled Mount Everest, Martina Harford the ‎Chief Executive at The Educational Company of Ireland and Marina Donoghue who is ‎Head of Education at Enterprise Ireland. 

NUIG research proves Foróige's positive impact on young people

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Foróige-Notinuse April 19, 2013

Foróige has embraced evaluation! Young people are benefiting from their engagement in our clubs and programmes.The outcomes that young people are gaining are tangible, realistic and worthwhile. This is great news for us as staff and volunteers, great news for our young people and great news for our funders. All of the time you invest working with young people is paying off. Young people are doing better because of the time you give and now we have real results that back up our work. The time that young people voluntarily spend with us does lead to better outcomes for them.

Applications now open for Foróige Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference 2013

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Foróige-Notinuse April 16, 2013

If you’re interested in attending the Foróige Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference 2013, applications are now open! You can download the appropriate forms here

Anyone aged 15-18 who is an active member of Foróige is eligible to apply for a place at the conference. All Foróige affiliated Clubs will receive information in the post. The closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 20th May. Late applications will not be accepted after this date as demand for places is very high every year.