Young Voices

These articles reflect the opinions and ideas of young people who may or may not be involved in Foróige. They represent the views of the authors as individuals and not necessarily the views of Foróige as an organisation.

Me and my Foróige, by Oisín Bowyer aged 13

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Foróige-Notinuse August 29, 2013

Hi, my name is Oisín Bowyer. I'm thirteen years old and I'm a member of The Epicentre Foróige club in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal. I first got involved with Foróige a year ago when I was twelve and I can remember the day when a Regional Youth Officer and Club Leader came to my national school and made a presentation about Foróige as an organisation. From that day on I knew I wanted to get involved!On those cold September nights I'd go along to the club after school. It really helped me to relax, forget about school and life's worries. Foróige for me was my own little haven and still is to this day.

Indian teenager Shagun Bose describes her experience at Foróige's international Youth Leadership Conference

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Foróige-Notinuse August 28, 2013

"Learning leadership is impossible!” That’s what I used to say but this conference proved me wrong. My name is Shagun Bose and I am from Mayo College Girls’ School in India. Every time I think of the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference, warm memories fill my heart. To describe such a life altering conference in words seems like an impossible task but it has readied me for such things and hopefully I will be able to do justice to this conference.

Teenager Adrienne Walsh tells us about the week she spent at the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference

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Foróige-Notinuse August 15, 2013

When people say to me “What is Albert?” , my whole inside warms up with joy and happiness but also with frustration. I know I will never be able to describe the amazing, life- changing experience we call Albert. It’s indescribable! However I am going to do my level best to try describe it here.

My name is Adrienne Walsh and I’m a member of Kitimagh Foróige Club and also FAYZ Foróige club in Mayo. I have been a member of Foróige for the past five years. It’s only been in the past few years that I have really understood the opportunities Foróige has to offer. In September 2011, I was elected Chairperson of my Foróige Club. Now as I was on the committee it was my responsibility to attend officer training and regional conferenceS representing my Club.

International youth leadership conference attended by 300 teen delegates from all corners of the globe

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Foróige-Notinuse August 7, 2013

300 young people from all over the world have attended one of Foróige’s flagship events, the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference with delegates coming from South Korea, Nigeria, Palestine, Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, USA and India. Speakers included Louise Phelan of Paypal, Kenneth Egan the Olympic Champion boxer, Dr. Mary Redmond who is the Founder of the The Wheel and the Hospice Foundation, Dominic Jude who is Entrepreneur and has scaled Mount Everest, Martina Harford the ‎Chief Executive at The Educational Company of Ireland and Marina Donoghue who is ‎Head of Education at Enterprise Ireland. 

"Why we need to change the Education system", by Liam Aierstock (15)

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Foróige-Notinuse July 15, 2013

Let me take you to a place where you have all been before; where in fact most of you spend your day to day lives. An enclosed space with nothing more than a table, chair, pen and paper and a voice. The voice usually drones on for lengthy periods of time, telling you what to do, telling you what you must know. After the voice has spoken it’s your turn, you are told to take the pen and paper and repeat exactly what the voice has just said, only in writing.

"Benefits and disadvantages to criminalising cyber-bullying", by Liam Aierstock (15)

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Foróige-Notinuse July 11, 2013

A new report being delivered to the Government recommends that cyberbullying would become a crime. I think that before actually passing it as a law that by breaking it you can be prosecuted, levels of severity need to be set first. Currently cyberbullying can be defined as anything that appears negative on the internet, even something childish such as calling your friend stupid.