Young Voices

These articles reflect the opinions and ideas of young people who may or may not be involved in Foróige. They represent the views of the authors as individuals and not necessarily the views of Foróige as an organisation.

Foróige’s new Reference Panel talk about their recent meet-up

foroigeadmin March 16, 2015

My first Reference Panel weekend was one of the best weekends of my life without a doubt. I must say I was quite nervous about the weekend but once I got to meet all the other young people my nerves completely disappeared. Our first evening started off by learning about how Foróige helps us. It was great hearing other people’s stories about how Foróige helped them. Next was for us to get into groups and talk about Foróige. I loved the group work and I felt as if I was making a difference when we had to say how we felt Foróige could help make a change in young people's lives.

Gathering of Foróige young people and MEP's to discuss advantages of being an EU member state

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Foróige-Notinuse February 24, 2015
On Thursday 19th February, 35 young people who are members of Foróige gathered at the European Parliament in Dublin 2 for a special meeting with MEP’s to talk about Ireland’s membership of the European Union and what we gain from being a member state. Mairéad McGuinness, Lynn Boylan, Matt Carthy and Marian Harkin came along to speak to the young people and answer questions about the work they are doing as MEP’s. 

Congratulations to the 64 newly elected Foróige Reference Panel members!

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Foróige-Notinuse February 17, 2015

Foróige's Reference Panel is a representative body of all the young people involved in the organisation. They are selected from Foróige Clubs, Projects and Youth Services. They are consulted on high-level decision making in the organisation and on a wide range of youth issues. Here are the names of the young people elected and their regions.





Nathan (16) learns to surf through his involvement in the Foróige Bundoran Neighbourhood Youth Project

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Foróige-Notinuse January 30, 2015

Foróige is about empowering young people and enriching communities.  This is particularly true for 16 year old Nathan Cassidy from Kinlough in Co. Donegal. Nathan attends the Foróige Bundoran Neighbourhood Youth Project and joined when he was 10. He joined the project to meet new friends and to learn some new skills in a fun, positive environment. He recalls that he was a shy young lad who found it difficult to join new groups with new people. Nathan says, “I remember being shy and not knowing what to expect when I started Foróige.

Winner of NFTE International Business Plan Competition is Leitrim teenager, Clara Hewston (14) for her recipe book with no words!

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Foróige-Notinuse January 28, 2015

Clara Hewstown (14) is the winner of of the Foróige NFTE International Business Plan Competition! She wins an all expenses paid trip to New York City and will attend a special Gala dinner celebrating youth entrepreneurship! Clara was one of eight shortlisted finalists in the running for the prize out of 50 entrants.

Galway teenagers awarded with the Asgard Perpetual Award at the Mansion House in recognition of New Zealand sailing adventure

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Foróige-Notinuse January 28, 2015

Foróige young people Michael Collins, Dean McKeon, Brandon McDonagh and Daniel O’Halloran received the Asgard Perpetual Award from Sail Training Ireland on Saturday at the Mansion House. The Galway teenagers participated in a 10 day Tall Ship voyage on the seas around New Zealand in 2014 and the award was presented to them in recognition of their exceptional achievement.