What is it like to be a Big Brother or Big Sister? Volunteers share their thoughts!

foroigeadmin November 2, 2018

Four Big Brother Big Sister volunteers share their insights on why being involved in the Programme is so rewarding.

I have been a Big Brother for the past 3 years, and it has been full of fun, games and adventures. My Little and I go for coffee, play pool, basketball, games, cook together and enjoy going to see the latest films in the cinema.

We both have the opportunity to try new things together that we thought we wouldn’t have been interested, and with Big Brother Big Sister it has given us the chance to explore different activities. I would recommend the Big Brother Big Sister Programme to anyone who is interested and has 1 hour a week to spend having fun with a young person.


My Little Sister and I have been matched for almost 2 years now. Witnessing our relationship grow and evolve has been so rewarding for me. By now we are comfortable in each other’s company and I look forward to catching up with all her news every week. We’ve discovered that we both love swimming, cycling, the beach, the cinema and food, so we alternate these activities, and try new ones too! We’re planning a celebration to mark our two-year anniversary in December.


Being a Big Brother is truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have been involved in. You should just be yourself, displaying open-mindedness, empathy and generally be a good role model for your little. Over the past year, I have seen positive changes in my Little, and watched him grow as a person, overcoming adversity. My Little is 15, a foodie, football fanatic, and absolute wee character - a real ball of energy, good fun and interesting to hang out with. We spend our time at Sligo Rovers matches, trying different foods, playing foot golf, or hanging out just having a chat about the week gone by, and what we are planning to do for the next few weeks. We are currently working on a 3D printing project - it's always interesting. So, to sum up - Being a Big is a fantastic experience you will never get unless you become one. Brian Cunningham.



You could spend 1 hour a week watching an episode on Netflix or making a big difference in a young person's life. I have been a Big Sister for nearly 3 years. My Little Sister and I clicked the first day we met. We were very lucky to have a lot in common - we both love art, horse riding, cookery, outdoor activities, pool, movies, dance and guitar. We also like to spend the dark evenings in The Crib, as we have access to their amenities every Wednesday evening. Here we can chill, chat, play board games, pool, table tennis, basketball, make up dances and cook dinner or tasty treats. I would highly recommend becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister as it is great fun for both you, and your Little. The people you meet and work with are friendly and dedicated. I am delighted to say that I have a lifelong Little Sister and it is an absolute pleasure. ☺


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