International youth leadership conference attended by 300 teen delegates from all corners of the globe

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Foróige-Notinuse August 7, 2013

300 young people from all over the world have attended one of Foróige’s flagship events, the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference with delegates coming from South Korea, Nigeria, Palestine, Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, USA and India. Speakers included Louise Phelan of Paypal, Kenneth Egan the Olympic Champion boxer, Dr. Mary Redmond who is the Founder of the The Wheel and the Hospice Foundation, Dominic Jude who is Entrepreneur and has scaled Mount Everest, Martina Harford the ‎Chief Executive at The Educational Company of Ireland and Marina Donoghue who is ‎Head of Education at Enterprise Ireland. 

Foróige does the Gathering

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Foróige-Notinuse June 20, 2013

Foróige has played a central part of many people’s lives for over 61 years. We think it’s time for your local community to see the impact clubs have made on young people’s lives and the impact that the young people have made on their own communities. 2013 is the year of ‘The Gathering’ and Foróige wants to ‘gather up’ as many of our old members, volunteers and former staff as possible.

There's no such thing as a typical Foróige volunteer!

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Foróige-Notinuse June 18, 2013

Meet some of the volunteers who work at the Foróige Ballyshannon/Bundoran Neighbourhood Youth Project which has been operating for the last 12 years. The project works in conjunction with the Gardaí, social workers, education welfare officers, parents, schools, volunteers and many other agencies to plan and implement specific needs led programmes for young people from 10- 18 years. As most projects have been facing huge cut backs due to the economic times we are in, it has proven extremely difficult to sustain the level of work we do with the budgets we are working with.

3,000 teenagers attend drug and alcohol free music festival organised by Foróige volunteers

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Foróige-Notinuse May 27, 2013

Thousands of teenagers from across Ireland travelled to Longford at the weekend to take part in Ireland’s largest drug and alcohol free music festival for young people. Now in its second year, the hugely popular Foróige HYPE Youth Festival proves that teenagers do not need drugs or alcohol to have a good time.

'Celebrating volunteer Valentine O'Kelly, a Foróige volunteer for 12 years' by Caroline Cooke

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Foróige-Notinuse May 24, 2013

Valentine O'Kelly from Bundoran in Co. Donegal has captured the hearts of the members of her community with the level of time and assistance she has given to others in need. Val has been a volunteer with Foróige’s Ballyshannon/Bundoran Neighbourhood Youth Project (NYP) since it started operating over 12 years ago.