Volunteer How To: Time Management Tips

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Foróige-Notinuse March 28, 2014


  1. Identify time wasting activities and do something about them! If meetings are taking too long, ensure you have an agenda and stick to it. Set an alarm for half an hour or an hour and wrap up the meeting when the alarm goes off.
  2. Explore goal setting and to do lists. Identify short term and long term goals for your volunteering efforts. This will save you more time in the long run.
  3. The 80:20 Rule states that 80% of your successes come from 20% of the tasks you carry out. What are the high return tasks you can carry out which will make a greater impact on your volunteering?
  4. Delegate and identify strengths. Make the most of your abilities and recognise the strengths of others. Public speaking, photography, organising skills, account keeping...all of these are skills are valuable and each of us has a specific gift or talent we can offer to a club, project or youth service. If we focus on what we can do easily and happily, we will get more done overall. 
  5. Trust young people with tasks and responsibilities. Share some tasks with young people such as tidying up, assistance with fundraising activities, brainstorming ideas. This will empower them more than you know!
  6. Ask for help from parents, the larger community, local businesses and organisations. 
  7. Plan your yearly activities in advance to give you an opportunity to slot in personal time, holidays, rosters and other schedules
  8. Schedule reflection time for your volunteering efforts and you could be surprised by the insights you develop.
  9. Be patient with yourself and with others. Rome was not built in a day! Taking small steps towards your goals will ensure that they move into sight slowly but surely.