'Teenpreneur' Vanessa Mulhall talks about her involvement in Foróige!

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Foróige-Notinuse February 27, 2013
Foroige Youth Entrepreneurship Programme - About NFTE

I found out about Foróige at the end of the school year in 2007 when I was in 1st year. Someone came to my school to tell us about the summer programmes being run at the Foróige Tallaght Youth Services. I booked a place on the ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ programme.

The first day I went I was really nervous and shy as I didn’t know anyone. But it turned out to be a really positive experience. That Autumn I did a Citizenship project which was really good. Then I joined the Café Committee, giving me a leadership role and I was also in charge of the money. The role of the committee was to organise events and encourage people to come to the Café. After that I was a member of the Foróige Sports Club in the locality. As you can tell, I was becoming more and more engrossed in Foróige! Since then, I’ve joined the Reference Panel and met other members from all over Leinster. When I was 16, I set up a business with the Foróige Entrepreneurship Programme, NFTE which has been going really well. It’s called Pixi Pots. I’m 18 now and training to become a volunteer with Foróige.

My experience with Foróige has been very memorable and very positive. When I finish school and college I’d like to work with a youth organisation too!