Teenpreneur Vanessa Mulhall attends conference on youth unemployment and meets President Francois Hollande

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Foróige-Notinuse November 18, 2013

Vanessa, a Foróige youth entrepreneurship programme graduate attended a conference on Youth Employment and Quality Jobs in Paris recently. She presented President Francois Hollande with a specially designed Pixi Pot which featured a French and Irish flag. Learn more about Pixi Pots at Vanessa's Facebook page here.

"My experience of being at the European Youth Conference on Youth Employment was a very positive one. I was really looking forward to the event as I felt it was a great opportunity to share my thoughts and indeed the thoughts of the young people of Ireland. I met some amazing, like-minded people who also have the drive and determination to try and influence decisions on what is happening in their countries. Trying to encourage the government to stop talking and act now as youth employment is a growing concern at a national and international level.

What I enjoyed the most about the conference was getting the chance to meet the French President, Francois Hollande. After this meeting I was interviewed by French media on what we discussed with the President and my thoughts on what is happening in Ireland. I discussed topics such as the Youth Guarantee, quality jobs and entrepreneurship. I believe I came across very well and had plenty to say on these topics.

I will never forget the conference and now plan to actively follow up on what was discussed. I really believe that I can influence decision making in Ireland if I approach it in the correct way. I feel empowered now and I am more driven. I would like to thank the National Youth Council of Ireland for choosing me as their representative and Foróige too for nominating me."

Information about the Conference:

The European Youth Forum and European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) co-organised a conference on Youth Employment and Quality Jobs in Paris between 11 and 13 November.

The main aims of the conference were:
• Monitor from the youth side the implementation of the current agenda on youth employment (Youth Guarantee and other measures being implemented) discussed by Ministers and Heads of State at the Intergovernmental Conference.
• Discuss and reflect on the need for Quality Jobs for Young People and the measures to be taken by all stakeholders to foster this and present officially a publication of the Forum on the subject.
• Make a visibility street action in parallel to the Official Conference.
• Take stock of the results of the Intergovernmental conference and provide a space to our members t o plan the follow-up at National and European level.