Shining With Pride: Foróige Pride Mural Unveiled

Alan June 17, 2021

Foróige unveiled our Shine With Pride mural today. The artwork was created in collaboration with SUBSET. LGBTI+ young people from across Ireland engaged in a series of virtual sessions with the artist KinMx to share their lived experiences of growing up LGBTI+ in Ireland and come up with the messages they wanted the mural to communicate. 

The artwork tells the story of how the young people found deep solace in nature during their coming out journeys. The central character in the mural embodies LGBTI+ young people as they come out and blossom with pride into who they truly are as boundless, hopeful citizens of the world. The progress Pride flag colours; symbols for male, female and transgender people, as well as representations of the bonds of friendship, creativity and the arts are also evident throughout the piece.

Róisín and Rhys from the Foróige LGBTI+ Youth Forum attend the unveiling of the mural, Camden Row, Dublin 2.

CEO of Foróige Seán Campbell commented on the launch: “It’s vital that all young people be able to express their individuality. To mark Pride month we’re delighted that LGBTI+ young people from Foróige got the opportunity to tell their stories and have their voices heard in such a creative and positive way.  We’re grateful to have been able to collaborate with SUBSET on this important initiative.”  

He continued “The striking and powerful artwork shows a real sense of positivity and progress in terms of how we as a Nation support LGBTI+ young people. I admire all of the young people who bravely shared their personal experiences which were beautifully woven into the rich and thought provoking artwork by KinMx.. Their stories really do shine with a brightness that gives me a great sense of hope for the future.”

The Shine with Pride mural can be seen on Camden Row, Dublin 2.

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