Reference Panel meets for the final time in 2017

foroigeadmin November 8, 2017

Last weekend, the Foróige Reference Panel gathered in Gormanstown in Co.Meath for the final time this year. The young people, who were elected at the Regional Conferences earlier this year, are members of Foróige Clubs and Projects from across the country. This year, they worked on a survey to determine why older members were leaving Foróige, and a National Listening survey in order to understand what the organisation was doing right, and what areas it could improve upon.


 The Reference Panel has a huge influence over many decisions and initiatives in Foróige, and one of this year's members said:
"I'm passionate about Foróige, and it's brilliant to see that I am able to have an input into it, and can make changes... To know that it will benefit a lot of people is an amazing feeling!"


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