Lismore Foróige promote a cleaner environment

foroigeadmin September 7, 2018

Lismore Foróige launched personalised reusable bottles for their members as a follow on from their successful community action project where they exhibited at the Aldi Foróige Youth Citizenship Awards in Dublin.

Earlier this year the Foróige Club, worked with Lismore Tidy Towns to create an art piece constructed from plastic bottles to raise awareness about recycling. As part of their project, they researched recycling and the impacts of climate change, and gathered plastic bottles from members of the community. They also promoted a community-wide bottle drive through Facebook and Snapchat and designed and created an art piece that they displayed at the local bottle bank to encourage locals to recycle and appreciate recycled goods.

The Lismore Foróige Club wanted to continue their efforts on reducing plastic waste by introducing personalised reusable bottles to all the club members. Foróige leader, Joan Williams said “It was important to keep the initiative going, even after the Citizenship Awards were over. The Blackwater Community School here in Lismore,  are also working on installing new water fountains to promote less waste and encourage students to drink more water, so the two initiatives go hand-in-hand, as most of our members are in the school too.”

Foróige Lismore received support and from Waterford City and County Council Environment Department to make this idea a reality and the bottles are provided free of charge to the club members. 

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