Get Ready for FAB FEB 2015, or Foróige Against Bullying Month

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Foróige-Notinuse December 9, 2014

FAB Feb (Foróige Against Bullying month) is coming soon and we are urging Foróige Clubs and Projects to get involved. The central purpose is to create awareness of positive self image among young people. Positive self image is about being happy in yourself and comfortable in your own skin. It is about being able to express yourself when with others and not being confined by negative pressures and put downs by others. It is the ability to accept your own limitations and flaws and focusing on the positives. It is about finding your own path in life - not following the crowd. Through all of our work in Foróige, we are helping young people to develop a positive self image.

However, in February 2015 we will be encouraging you to focus on how young people are developing a positive self image in your club, group or project and develop more ways to make this happen. Please don’t forget to let us know how you do it! FAB Feb 2015 will also focus on cyber safety and on raising awareness of mental health and bullying. The main elements of FAB Feb 2015 are:

  • Creating more opportunities for young people to develop positive self image in your club, group or project.
  • Workshops created by Foróige’s Reference Panel will be made available. Making TAB Time more widespread throughout Foróige- TAB stands for Tea and Biscuits or Take a Break. This is a special time when young people and adults chat about everyday things.
  • Cyber Safety - workshops and awareness raising on cyber safety.
  • Awareness raising on issues such as mental health and bullying, particularly in the context of positive self awareness.

For more information on Fab Feb, contact [email protected]